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About KroneMarket

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Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values derive from the 17 years of existence of our company BONASERV srl. on the EU market. The values we promote are of total respect for customers and suppliers alike. Therefore, adapting to the requirements and needs of our customers is paramount.

The company’s management is based on and complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard.

Reliable Products

The mobile and fixed UV-C sterilizer products offered by KroneMarket, have EU Certificate of Conformity and EMC Test Report

Fair Prices

We try to offer on the market the most fair prices for UVC sterilizers and UVC air purifiers

We answer quickly to your requests

The KroneMarket division team – UVC sterilizers and UV-C air purifiers, always at your disposal!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By purchasing mobile and fixed UV-C sterilizers, UVC air purifiers through KroneMarket you will have guaranteed satisfaction

We offer professional, household and individual products for control of viruses, bacteria and sterilization of spaces (up to 99%)

By visiting the online or physical store (warehouse + store), you can find out more about our range of UV-C sterilizers, fixed and mobile air purifiers.

Contact us:

Orders can be made online in writing at the e-mail address or through the forms on the site. You can consult KroneMarket staff by phone before ordering.
Delivery is made by courier (third party carriers) or the products can be purchased directly from our store.

0040.736.392.855 ; 0040736.392.857

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